Automated Instagram Replies: A Guide for the Year 2023

February 20, 2023 by No Comments

Of the many social media platforms available today, Instagram is quite well-liked. More than 2 billion people use Instagram every day, and more than 200 million of them visit a business page at least once a day, making it essential for companies to keep their profile up to date.

For example, brands may leverage social media like Twitter and Instagram for customer service. Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing Instagram marketing for a while, you know that the response rate is crucial to the happiness of your customers.

During its lifespan, the frequency with which a brand communicates with its consumers is a good indicator of how engaged those customers are with the brand overall.

Fast Responses is now available, although stealthily, for all Instagram business accounts. Learn more about how to set up an auto reply on Instagram in the year 2023 by reading on!

The Auto Reply feature of Instagram: what is it?

Brands may benefit from Instagram auto respond since it makes it easier for them to communicate with customers whenever they have questions or want more information about the products and services they offer. When you’re unable to respond immediately to a message, auto responses can be an enormous benefit.

When you receive a message on Instagram, you may set up an automatic reply. The usage of automated “welcome” and “frequently asked questions” messages has become commonplace in many organisations as a means of improving their customers’ experiences.

Picture this: Examining Instagram direct messages during promotional periods. Like this, but better:

  • Do you provide any other price cuts?
  • Inquiring minds want to know how much money you’ll charge for shipping.
  • What is your refund policy like?
  • When can we expect delivery?
  • Is X still in stock?
  • The order still hasn’t reached me.

Instagram’s automated responses fall mostly into two buckets: Away/Auto Reply Messages. To save time when responding to several people with the same message, you may use “auto replies,” which are pre-formatted responses you generate and then paste into a direct message. Businesses and marketers will reap tremendous benefits from this.

Is It Worth It to Use Instagram’s Auto Reply Function?

If you use Instagram for business, you undoubtedly respond to customers using boilerplate boilerplate. Simply said, while everyone on Earth is unique in their own way, they all have similar concerns.

These are some of Instagram Auto Reply’s benefits for your perusal:

  • Maintain satisfied customers
  • Get things done in a timely manner
  • Consistency of Message Reduced Expenses
  • Give customers who are in different time zones the attention they deserve.
  • Increase your site’s conversion rate.
  • Build a solid foundation for the future with your clientele.

Instagram’s Auto-Reply Function: How to Set It Up

Employing the Instagram Mobile Application

You may be curious as to how Instagram Auto replies work. If you own a business, you can accomplish this in the following ways:

Go to the “Business” section of your profile’s settings.
Choose “Creator.”
Click the link labelled “Previously answered questions, Commonly requested ones, or Welcome message.”
Simply type in your initial, quick response.
Fill out the “Shortcut” area with a shortcut (max. 15 characters)
A rapid reaction will follow this.


No other parties or fees are required.
There are no errors or mistakes (unlike the Meta Business Suite)
Converting to a business account is free of charge (necessary to set up automated responses)


There is a limit of four frequently asked questions.
To get answers to frequently asked topics like “when is Bonys open?” and “where is Bonys located?” utilise the FAQ section.

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Auto Reply

Brands may learn what their customers want and make them feel valued through customer involvement. Instagram is the most popular social media platform for customer-brand interaction, as reported by Forrester. Writing good Instagram auto-replies requires a basic understanding of the platform’s guidelines, which can be found here.

Realize What the Customers Want

When a consumer contacts a company and receives an automatic answer, all they want to know is when they can talk to a real person who can help them. It is common practise for automated responses to inform recipients of the time frame in which they may expect to hear back from a human agent with solutions to their problems.

You can provide explanations for many FAQs. Some examples of common automated answers to customers’ inquiries are shown below.

  • Thank you for making contact with us.
  • An agent from our company will contact you as soon as possible.

Recommend an Alternate Form of Assistance

When you’re not already utilising social media as your primary support channel, you might suggest an other platform. Customers should be able to easily find a way to get in touch with the firm through any Instagram or text message responses they receive.

The following are some instances where additional support structures are provided:

  • Types of online correspondence
  • Number to call
  • Live-chat contact email
  • Providers’ Helping Hands
  • Business chatbots

Giving clients with alternatives and pointing them in the appropriate way when Instagram help is down makes for a smooth user experience. The trustworthiness of your company is boosted as a bonus.

Set the brand’s mood

Keeping the same voice and tone throughout all brand communications is crucial. Even if Instagram auto-replies are pre-written, the right words and tone are still important.

The captions of your Instagram posts should reflect the same brand voice and tone as the rest of your account. You should maintain a consistent persona throughout all of your social media platforms, but especially in direct messages (DMs) to your followers and clients.

The following are some ideas for Instagram direct messages that automatically reply:

  • Avoid using confusingly complicated vocabulary.
  • Keep up a good tone for the brand.