Steps to Get Your Instagram Account Verification

February 22, 2023 by No Comments

One of the highest achievements a business can achieve is Instagram verification. The blue check mark used to be difficult to obtain, but now anybody can apply for Instagram verification.

Nevertheless, there is a catch to this tale. It’s not easy to receive an Instagram verification badge unless you’re a famous person or a major corporation. This post explains everything you need to know to obtain Instagram verified. Well, so let’s get going!

The meaning of Instagram verification and how to get it?

A blue checkmark will appear next to your username on your personal or business Instagram page if you have been verified. For your Instagram followers, this blue checkmark means that Instagram has confirmed your identity and that you are who you claim you are.

Reasons to Get Instagram Verification

Having a verified badge next to your Instagram name is seen as a badge of honour by many users. As if showing out an Instagram badge of authentication proves your success to the world.

When Instagram says an account is verified, it indicates the company checked to make sure the user is who they say they are. Having the Instagram verification symbol also helps other users determine if the account they are inquiring about is the real deal or a fan or fraudulent account. The Instagram verification process has other advantages as well:

Participate in Instagram’s Beta Testing Phase

Instagram will regard you a little differently after you’ve been verified. Those who have Instagram’s blue checkmark are among the first to try out new features before they become available to the rest of the community.

Helps Prevent Identity Theft and Builds Customer Confidence in Your Account

Because there are over 150 million false accounts on the network, your approach and reputation may easily be stolen by competitors. It’s possible that if you do this, your followers and consumers would get confused about which account belongs to the real brand.

The Instagram verification badge not only gives you a leg up on the competition and boosts the credibility of your company, but it also helps you stand out from the sea of phoney and spam accounts.

Boosts the Sense of Limited Availability

Obtaining Instagram’s verification badge is challenging. In other words, verified Instagram profiles are part of a small but select club. The blue tick is more valuable to the account that receives it because it is difficult to obtain.

Raise the Profile’s Exposure

Instagram accounts that have been verified by Instagram receive preferential treatment in both the search and explore sections. If someone does a search on Instagram and your account fits the requirements, it will come up at the top of the results, ahead of any duplicates or fans.

If you’ve used Instagram, you may have also noticed that the platform favours verified accounts when making recommendations. In this case, the Instagram algorithm appears to prefer blue tick accounts.

Obtain More Lucrative Business Deals

Instagram has become the go-to marketing tool for many well-known firms. When you get your personal Instagram account verified, you increase the likelihood that large, well-known businesses (that are also Instagram verified) will approach you with collaboration opportunities.

Instagram’s Verification Process—A Complete Walkthrough

While there is no certain method to earn Instagram’s verification badge, you may increase your chances by following a few simple guidelines.

Fill Up Your Bio and Profile

If you want Instagram to verify your account, your profile has to be in tip-top form. If you need a similar list, you may find one here:

Use your bio to direct them to a shoppable photo album or website.

You should probably take down your bio link if you’re using your verified Facebook or Twitter account, as this won’t help you get verified.

Make sure your website has a contact number or email address that your followers may use to get in touch with you outside of Instagram.

You should provide some background on who you are and what you do in your bio.

Before sending in an application, make sure your profile and bio are in top form.

Adopt a Personable Tone in Your Messages

Make an effort to set your posts apart from those of similar accounts. This will make your profile stand out more. It’s a great way to put a human face on your business and connect with your target audience.

Increase Your Audience and Interaction the Proper Way

You now know that the amount of people who follow you on Instagram does not affect your account’s veracity. Know that the number of people who engage with your posts will never quite equal the number of people who follow you. It’s in your best advantage to attract an audience that has a genuine interest in what you have to say, therefore put your energy towards growing that audience.

Using trending hashtags is a surefire way to get more likes and comments on Instagram. Create a unique hashtag to represent your company for even more exposure. Increase your brand’s Instagram exposure by encouraging users to use your brand’s hashtag. You can add the hashtag to your bio if your brand has a significant number of posts and followers using it.

Participate fully in platform activities

Verified Instagram profiles share a number of characteristics in common, one of which is a high level of activity. In addition to a regular posting schedule, they also make an effort to interact with their audience. The content of each of their postings is really potent.

Because there is a higher likelihood that the audience will trust this account holder, Instagram also sides with active users when displaying the blue tick. Thus, if you want to get verified on Instagram, you should start uploading material often and making an effort to engage and interact with your followers more actively.