5 Creative Ideas To Get More Views On Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the most famous social media networks in the world at present. It is a successful photo and video sharing application with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users. It is not only for sharing videos and images more than that. Many brands and marketers are using Instagram to promote their business to a wider audience. 

Many people on Instagram are still wondering how to increase their views. If you want to expand your content reach on Instagram, you need to get more likes and views for your videos. 

1. Use Popular Hashtags

The more you use hashtags effectively, will help your content to reach more new audiences. Many people use more than 20 hashtags to get quick results for their content. But it is not the best way to get good results. Add a 9 to 11 hashtag in your content and see the advantage of using it. 

If you want to get more views on Instagram, you should use popular hashtags to reach your target audience. The word hashtags have the power to make your content in front of people who like to see your content. 

2.Add The Power Of IGTV 

Instagram TV is the short form of IGTV that allows users to create 10 minute long vertical videos to engage their audience. To increase your channel visibility, create compelling content to attract your audience. When your videos get a high number of views and likes, then your channel will be popular on Instagram. Also, you can buy IGTV views to boost your video views. When your video gets more views, it will make your followers like your content. 

3. Take High-quality Picture and Videos

If you want to get more likes and views for your Instagram post, you need to take good pictures. Many people do not care about the quality of the picture and videos. Posting high-quality images and videos are the easiest and simplest way to get more views and likes for your posts. Add the advantage of effects and filters to make your content most attractive to your followers. Also, make sure to check the audio quality before posting your videos. Choose the perfect background to shoot compelling videos and share them with your followers to get more likes and views for your videos. 

4. Analyse Your Competitor

One of the best ways to increase your video views is by analyzing your competitor. Analyze your competition and see which type of content they create to receive more likes and views for thrift videos. It is one of the ways to make content to reach your target audience. Also, make sure to see the hashtag they include in their content because this will help you add similar hashtags to reach more and more new audiences to your Instagram profile. 

5. Use Instagram Reels

Reels is one of the latest Instagram features that allows every user to create 15 second short videos with music. It is a very new feature, and many people have already started using Instagram reels for their business. Reels are similar to TikTok, so many TikTok users jumped into Instagram reels to recreate their TikTok videos to attract their TikTok followers to get more views, likes and comments for their videos.

If you want to boost your reel likes, buy Instagram reels likes and make your video popular on Instagram. Since it is a new platform, you can create compelling videos about your brand to increase your brand awareness among your audience.


To build a strong Instagram presence, you should create compelling content to get more likes and views for your post. Use these creative ideas to create attractive videos and make your content go viral on the platform. 

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