8 Effective Tips To Increase Brand Discoverability On Instagram

May 11, 2023 by No Comments

How often do you find yourself sharing the same things to Instagram? It’s not simple to come up with fresh, original content for social media when you’re operating a small business and trying to juggle a million other things at once. Even if you’ve been thinking for a long that your social media postings may need a refresh, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

You need to examine your current Instagram posts, determine the types of posts that have performed well, and figure out what it is about your content that makes you feel like you’re posting the same thing over and over again before you can add great, new content to your feed. The next step is the creative part: coming up with fresh material for your Instagram account.

Eight Methods to Come Up With Innovative Instagram Posts For Your Company

Review your most popular content for ideas

When you’re trying to come up with ideas for social media posts, you should start with your own feed. Visit Instagram Insights to see which of your posts are doing the best. You may narrow your results by selecting a certain time range, post type (picture vs. video), metric (comments, likes, reach, saves, etc.), and more.
Consider what it was that made your most popular posts so popular. Which did better, your static content or your video material? Is there a difference in engagement between lengthy and short captions? Think about what resonated with your audience and do more of it.

Be aware of the stuff your rivals are producing

Keeping tabs on what the competition is up to on social media is crucial. Don’t steal their ideas; instead, use their social media pages as a jumping-off point for your own creative Instagram refreshment ideas. Note the positive and negative aspects of their methods to use as inspiration for your own work.

Check out the top popular specialised hashtags

Find out which articles are the most popular in your field. A florist should research florist-related hashtags. Explore the most popular posts using those tags for some ideas. To stay abreast of all the latest happenings, you may even choose to follow a certain hashtag.

Look at the content that influential people are sharing

When trying to think of ideas for fresh content, influencers may be a fantastic springboard. You shouldn’t follow just any famous person on Instagram; instead, focus on micro-influencers in your field. The idea is to track down people whose fans overlap with your existing clientele. If you’re in the baby or parenting industry, for instance, you should study a wide range of mum influencers.

View Instagram Highlight Videos

You’ve probably seen countless Instagram Reels on your feed, even if you haven’t made one yourself. Motivate yourself to liven up your Instagram page with some original video material. Have no idea where to start or how to make professional-looking videos? If you’re looking for simple video themes complete with stock pictures and films, Boosted is the tool for you.

Consult a close friend for inspiration

Who says you have to come up with every idea on your own? If you run a small business, chances are your loved ones are familiar with and enthusiastic about what you do. Tell them you need their help coming up with content for your Instagram account. Also, have them check out your account and make some notes about what they like and what you might do better.

View all of your tagged posts

Photos taken by your clients are a goldmine of ideas for fresh social media posts. In what kinds of pictures are they tagging your local business? Find out what customers enjoy most about your company and expand your content offering accordingly.

Discover regional hash tags

If your company has a physical presence in the area, you should pay attention to the local notices. You may get a sense of what others in your area are writing about and discussing by searching for relevant hashtags. These are the hashtags you should be utilising, and they may also serve as a springboard for new ideas. You might perhaps try requesting reuse of part of the material in question. For additional information on this subject, see How to Reach Customers on Instagram When You’re a Local Business.

Determining whether an Idea Is Right for Your Brand in Terms of Content
Keep in mind while you peruse the content of other brands and influencers for inspiration that not everything posted will be applicable to your own. They may, for instance, have a sizable advertising budget or a dedicated team of photographers to assist in the production of high-quality product imagery.

To determine whether or not specific content formats are appropriate for your small business, consider the following seven questions:

  • First, I need to identify what it is in another person’s feed that I find appealing.
  • How well does this piece of content represent my brand?
  • Will this information add some flavour to my feed?
  • Can I easily make similar stuff again?
  • Do these colours go with the rest of my decor?
  • Will this be engaging to my target audience?
  • Am I eager to write and publish this fresh material?

With any luck, you’ll be able to break out of your Instagram post rut and come up with some fresh ideas thanks to these pointers. Finally, keep in mind that your Instagram posts don’t have to be picture-perfect. It’s best to publish and interact with your consumers even if you’re not able to develop brand-new, engaging material that your followers will enjoy.