Instagram Hashtags For Business: Marketers Needs To Know

May 15, 2023 by No Comments

Want to know the Instagram hashtag rules? Do you want to know how many and which hashtags to use on Instagram?

How to use Instagram hashtags in 2023 and beyond to increase visibility is covered here.
In 2023, should you still be using hashtags in your Instagram posts?
In a nutshell, yes, Instagram hashtags are still useful for marketers in the year 2023. However, their use will not immediately fix issues with distribution or participation. But include them in your feed articles and reels can help your account and content reach more people interested in what you have to offer.

You may recall the March 2022 series of statements from Instagram Head Adam Mosseri if you’ve been following the ongoing discussions about hashtags.

Mosseri said that Instagram hashtags don’t increase views during an AMA. He quickly followed up with another article proving that Instagram hashtags don’t significantly increase exposure.

Use Hashtags to Promote Your Instagram Posts

Using hashtags will assist Instagram better grasp the subject matter of your posts. Instagram’s ability to show your material to its intended audience improves the more information it has about your content.

In reality, projected user interest is one of Instagram’s primary ranking indications. Instagram can tell if a user is likely to be interested in the material you publish on a certain topic based on their past behaviour with content on that topic. Instagram will be more likely to show them your material if they follow your account and interact with it.

Hashtags are used to provide context, therefore it’s critical that the ones you use make sense. That is to say, don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content or brand. Hashtags that are unrelated or of poor quality will not aid in providing context.

Hashtags on Instagram Make it easier for people to find your content

When Instagram sends your followers material, it uses the ranking signals discussed above. However, if you use the proper hashtags on Instagram, your posts will be visible to others who are not already following you. One of the most crucial aspects of suggested content is user activity, which includes the accounts followed and subjects interacted with.

Getting your content suggested to non-followers is a terrific method to increase exposure, build a following, and produce more conversation on Instagram, where the platform has been aggressively testing suggested posts. If users like what they see in your suggested content feed, they can follow you or engage with your posts without leaving the stream.

How many hashtags should use on Instagram?

There is a significant discrepancy between the number of hashtags Instagram allows, the number of hashtags Instagram recommends, and the number of hashtags your account analytics report. Here’s how to do the maths and figure out what will give you the most bang for your buck.

What Instagram Reveals?

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post or highlight reel on Instagram. You may also use Instagram hashtag stickers or a text overlay to include up to ten hashtags in a single story. However, it’s not always wise to use all of your allowed hashtags.

Instagram has recommended using no more than three to five hashtags in a single post since 2021. Having such a limited hashtag pool severely limits your ability to add useful information and propel discovery. However, limiting the number of hashtags you use can make your posts appear less spammy.

How Should You Use Instagram Hashtags?

The most effective Instagram hashtags for your business, sector, and posts will vary. Let’s examine the best and worst hashtags to use in social media posts.

How to Get the Most Likes on Instagram?

It’s natural to think that the most popular or trending hashtags on Instagram would have the most impact on discovery. In reality, viral hashtags don’t do as much good as you might expect because they’re usually swamped with garbage.

Hashtags: Captions or Comments on Instagram?

Hashtags can be added to the caption of a post or clip, or they can be placed in the comments section. It is recommended that they be added to the Instagram post itself.

It is recommended by Instagram’s @creators that hashtags be included in captions. Putting them in the caption, as opposed to the comments section, improves your content’s discoverability through search engines.

Afraid that Instagram posts may appear spammy or cluttered if you use hashtags? Don’t worry. Instagram cuts off captions in the stream after 80 characters. Hashtags won’t appear in the stream unless the caption is 80 characters or longer.

Substitute Hashtags as Engines of Exploration

Hashtags alone are unlikely to help you achieve your Instagram marketing objectives. So, what more can you do to increase the number of people who see your content? Incorporate these tips into your Instagram hash-tag approach.

Optimise Instagram Posts using Keywords

You can also label your Instagram posts with descriptions and locations in addition to hashtags. Instagram captions are more likely to be seen when they include relevant keywords. Using relevant keywords ensures that your Instagram posts reach target audience. You may increase the likelihood that people will stumble upon your Instagram posts by using keywords.

That said, your captions shouldn’t just be a bunch of random words. Instead, you should use them organically so that the caption can capture attention and inspire action from the reader.


Hashtags aren’t a quick fix for low engagement or visibility. But with the correct Instagram hashtags, your posts, reels, and stories will be seen by the relevant people, giving you a better chance to achieve your marketing goals.