Leading Five Instagram Influencers (And What Brands Can Learn From Them)

February 27, 2023 by No Comments

1. Influencer in travel: @thebucketlistfamily

What we can take away from the Bucket List Family is this:

  • Create social media profiles with eye-catching design and relevant information for your audience and company.
  • Monitor the company’s image and learn how consumers feel about your brand
  • Run competitions on social media
  • interact with the viewers

Although it may seem obvious, most Instagram accounts set up by businesses exclusively post images of their items or those connected to their products or brand image. The majority of personal accounts only publish their own images. It is the entire “selfie” movement. This Instagram account does a lot at once: it provides unique and practical travel advice, amuses its fans with tales of insane adventures, encourages them to take more chances themselves, and forges ties with them by sharing their daily lives.

Brands should learn from this example to avoid being too focused on one viewpoint, such as producing just instructional material or, conversely, producing only lighthearted and amusing content devoid of serious or practical information.

The family from the bucket list absolutely flips it and puts the audience in the spotlight. Not being scared to get personal is the second lesson to be drawn from the story. Brands should keep in mind that there are real people on the other side of the screen, according to marketer Andrew Jenkins.

Sharing one’s personal journey and professional setbacks helps smaller firms in particular to provide a motivating tale of a successful entrepreneur.

2. @lilly, a lifestyle influencer

Viral marketing helped Lilly become a social media celebrity; she shared amusing videos and sketches that went viral. After that, Lilly’s success has been credited to her aptitude for embracing her culture and heritage through the incorporation of them into the videos.

That very sincerity is the key to Lilly’s social media success, which led him well beyond social media. She’s obviously brilliant and humorous as well.

CEOs and marketers should embrace who they are and use it as a differentiator, though, since that is the lesson here.

3. @jackharries, a photography influencer

It makes sense for companies to be wary of taking a position on social or political issues; after all, their audience could stop following them if they don’t agree with their views. People in 2022, however, are not content with visually appealing images and films; they want to know your organization’s objective.

According to a research by Sensormatic Solutions, 82% of buyers in the USA want a consumer brand’s values to coincide with their own, and 80% of customers in the USA consider sustainability when making a purchase. They naturally want to know your values, thus

It’s critical to conduct frequent audience research to determine exactly what people want to know about your beliefs in order to effectively explain your position. Awario may examine the social media interactions of your clients and emphasise the subjects that are important to them. You don’t have to be an activist, but if your brand reflects their ideals, consumers will be more devoted to it.

4. Influencer in fashion and beauty: @chiaraferragni

As marketers, we frequently get preoccupied with the product’s quality. We strive for the greatest possible creation, the most intricate design, expert photography, etc.

But, your followers may not always want to see that. Give them a behind-the-scenes look, even if it’s simply in the form of stories. Give them an inside look at your decision-making process or provide them with a day in the life of an employee at your organisation.

By doing this, you build followers’ confidence in your brand and encourage them to follow your updates.

5. Ashley Stark, @ashleytstark

Urge your staff to speak publicly. Obviously, you can’t compel your coworkers to become influencers, but if there are important people in your organisation with a social media following, take them into account when developing your marketing plan.

Making your goods relevant can streamline your sales. Ashley uses no paid actors or pre-planned ads to demonstrate how their items fit into her life.
Use material in many new ways. Consider methods to reuse your current content. Her film on her top 5 kitchen favourites may be a blog article, then a carousel post, and finally a video.