Four Fantastic Camera Apps That Far Outweigh Instagram’s Functionality (Android)

May 23, 2023 by No Comments

Popularity of Instagram on Android devices has skyrocketed. Five million downloads in the first week makes it seem like nobody remembers there are other camera apps available. The most well-liked choice isn’t necessarily the greatest one, just like with anything else.

You can make your photos stand out on social media platforms like Facebook by using one of the many other Android camera apps. Images with a retro aesthetic have become increasingly popular recently. For some reason, black and white has always felt more refined to me.

The ZOOM FX Camera

Camera ZOOM FX is a popular paid camera. Although we seldom if ever discuss premium apps here, this one is an exception. Unlike Instagram, Camera ZOOM FX allows you to use the front-facing camera and has a variety of shooting modes.

Classic Camera

Putting a vintage spin on modern photos is all the rage. Images captured using Retro Camera can only be described as “retro.” The immediately retro photo may take on a variety of looks and feels depending on which of the five cameras you choose. Certain cameras include subtleties like film scratching effects. By selecting the About this camera link that appears beneath each camera on the selection screen, you may learn which cameras contribute to which effects.

CCTV Pudding

Pudding Camera improves the package with effects that the others lack. Similar to Retro Camera, a variety of cameras are at your disposal. The key distinction is that each of the nine or more cameras has its own unique film settings.

If your Android handset has a front-facing camera, you can utilise Pudding Camera with it. For that “real camera” feel, Pudding Camera also has a traditional knob to control the illumination.

Camera360 Ultimate

Because of one very appealing feature, I decided to add Camera360 to my collection. Have you ever seen an ad where all the images are black and white except for one, usually a brightly coloured object like a red rose or blue jeans? The feature is called Magic Colours, and it’s available in Camera360.

Tilt Shift, a professional-looking effect, is included into Camera360. This style makes the background hazy while the subject is sharply focused in the foreground. This might capture some really creative photographs for Android phones with 5MP or 8MP cameras.


Using a camera app on Android other than Instagram is OK, but you’ll miss out on the social sharing features, especially the “community wall.” That’s not a major problem if you’re just getting started with editing photos on your Android device. You’re probably going to post them on social media like Facebook or Google+ anyhow.