Instagram For Desktop Users: A Complete Guide To Posting

May 20, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing network, has released a desktop client after years of user requests for this feature.

Despite Instagram’s origins as a mobile-first social media service, users have clamoured for the ability to upload photos directly from sophisticated photo editors using a PC. With over a billion users, it helps to have access to powerful editing tools if you want to stand out on Instagram.

What It Means For Instagram Users To Be Able To Post From Their Desktops

Having Instagram available as a desktop software may be quite interesting for consumers. That high-quality camera or online photo-editing service you’ve been dying to show off? You can now publish it straight to your followers.

You’ll have a lot more leeway to work with when it comes to writing captivating captions and Stories if you post from your PC.

Third-Party Substitutes for Instagram Desktop Posting

You’ll need a workaround if you aren’t one of the select few who can use the Instagram desktop uploading option. As was just discussed, several methods exist for posting to Instagram directly from your computer’s desktop.

Instagram users often resort to a third-party scheduling tool to gain access to a desktop version of the app. You may use the scheduling tool to plan your Instagram content, share images for your campaign, and monitor its success with its many useful metrics. In certain circumstances, you may even use these programmes to post directly to Instagram from your computer.

Choices might involve:


Hootsuite is often used as an Instagram scheduling tool because of the wealth of social media data it provides. Using this service, you may publish to Instagram straight from your computer. You may save media like films, pictures, and “Stories” to your device.

Simply access your Hootsuite dashboard by logging into your account. To create a new entry, go to the dashboard and click “New Post” at the very top. Here’s where you may choose and upload the photo you wish to share on Instagram. If you’re having trouble staying ahead of the game, Hootsuite can help you plan, schedule, and publish Instagram posts.

Hopper Central Office

Hopper HQ is another outstanding example of an Instagram scheduling, uploading, and planning application that lets users easily plan and submit their social media campaigns to Instagram. The service takes care of everything, including graphic planning for your social media strategy via the app, and you don’t even need a phone.

When you first sign in to your Hopper HQ dashboard after creating an account, you’ll see a list of your scheduled posts, in the order in which they’ll go live. You may preview your posts on your Instagram profile as you create them using the grid planner. It comes in very useful!


Later is another popular Instagram marketing and scheduling application that allows you to easily include website-hosted material into your Instagram marketing plan. To create a gorgeous grid of scheduled posts, just drag & drop media from your PC, Mac, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Late, a desktop planning tool for Instagram, lets businesses create a month’s worth of social posts in minutes, complete with audience analytics and the optimal posting timings. Also, you may use the extensive analytics tools provided by Later to find out which of your posts are most popular with readers.

What Does This Mean for Instagram as a Business Tool?

Instagram on a desktop computer is likely to be most useful for professionals. With Instagram’s desktop version, companies will have easy access to high-quality image and video editing capabilities for creating engaging ad campaigns. This should help you produce better content and promote your business with less effort.

The marketing and brand-building communities would benefit greatly from having access to an Instagram posting tool for Mac or a solution that allows you to publish to Instagram from PC. Create your eye-catching designs ahead of time, upload them, and share them with your audience whenever it’s convenient for you.

With the aid of influencers and other partners, you may make a greater variety of photographs, including collage-style material and the use of special filters that are unavailable on Instagram itself. After the Instagram desktop upgrade, there will undoubtedly be more fascinating material to see on Instagram.

The Rise of Instagram on Desktop

The addition of a desktop publishing option for Instagram is a significant step forward for the social media network and is expected to appeal to a wide variety of users. With Instagram’s desktop integration, businesses can reach and captivate their ideal customers with visually beautiful content. To ensure you’re receiving the desired outcomes, you’ll still need to monitor your analytics and try out new approaches.