Here Are 9 Inspiring Ways To Reuse Your Blog Posts For Social Media.

May 24, 2023 by No Comments

Therefore, it’s not necessary to produce brand-new, entirely unique material every week. Content repurposing is used when there is already a large amount of material that can be updated and presented in new ways.

In this piece, we’ll demonstrate how to recycle your blog articles into a steady stream of fresh material for your social media channels.
You’ll soon be able to expand your social media accounts with consistent, high-value content while also saving time by not having to create fresh new blog entries.

Infinite Social Media Posts from Your Blog Content

See this list of 9 strategies to begin reusing your blog posts to generate an endless supply of material for your social media profiles.

Make an infographic to present facts or instructions.

Many of your blog entries probably provide crucial evidence to back up the claims you’ve made. Alternatively, some of your blog postings provide detailed methods that readers might employ to accomplish a certain goal.

Blog pieces like this lend themselves well to being transformed into visually appealing infographics. The visual-first approach of an infographic makes it more likely to attract social shares, and it also makes it easier for your audience to scan and take crucial information from.

Here are some examples of infographics that explain viewers how to do something step by step, as well as infographics that offer fascinating industry data.

Share images of inspirational quotes on social media.

Do readers of your blog post get anything useful from the content? Select several of these and have them made into shareable quote pictures.

Visual material has been demonstrated to increase engagement and reshares in a number of academic research.

Make Facebook and YouTube videos into blog entries.

Present day marketing strategies already incorporate the use of videos. Consumers increasingly prefer and even demand this developing medium, and several studies demonstrate the benefits of employing video content in your marketing efforts.

You may use whole blog entries as the basis for brand new long-form videos with little to no editing required. Or you may produce micro-videos that are three minutes or less in length by focusing on just the most important aspects.

Some blog posts can even be transformed into promotional and sales films. My SEO Sucks, a digital PR agency, has written extensively on the topic of “why digital PR matters” (including on this page).

Create great Quora answers and share them with the world.

If your ideal client is actively searching for answers to questions related to your area of expertise, you can find them on Quora.

You may leverage the knowledge you already have from a blog post to answer questions you see on Quora that you think your ideal audience is posting. You may get targeted attention to your blog by citing key facts from it and then linking back to the original piece.

Read this information on filing for a trademark. The owner of the website might utilise their knowledge on the subject to increase brand recognition among the many Quora users who question about registering trademarks on their own or with assistance.

Create audio recordings of key insights from your blog.

Companies often advertise their goods and services using a variety of mediums. You may also be investing in YouTube marketing and podcasts in addition to your presence on prominent social media networks.

If you do have a podcast, you may easily create new episodes from of previously written blog posts. The key insights or ideas from your episodes can then be extracted into short audio clips called soundbites. These excerpts may then be used as social media content to attract listeners to your podcast and website.


Instead of spending all your time making new material, you may make use of what you currently have. Reusing content from earlier blog entries is a simple way to generate a never-ending supply of fresh material for your social media profiles. If you’re looking to repurpose your blog entries but need some inspiration, here are nine excellent options to consider.